South Africa

South Africa, a beautiful place, offers an eclectic mix of attractions like scenic beauty, wilderness, flora and fauna, rich culture and history. The people of this destination are very courteous and welcome visitors with open arms. Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean surround this awesome destination. Meandering from Burundi to Egypt, the river Nile is a prominent tourist attraction for the visitors coming here. The river is about 6650 km long and is considered as the second largest river in terms of discharge and depth at some places. Another major attraction, at this place, is tallest free standing mountain of the world at 19,340 (ft).

The destination is unique and affordable. Hence people from distant places love to come here and experience unique attractions. Wild life safari of South Africa is world famous. Rare species of flora and fauna can be seen here. Using micro light, elephant, by boat, or on foot, or by balloon, one can enjoy this unrivalled diversity.

Besides legendary natural beauty of the place, the destination is also considered to be the adventure capital of the world. People can indulge in myriad adventure activities like bungee jumping, mountaineering, river rafting, hot air ballooning, kayaking, shark cage diving, and many more. People coming here can enjoy and explore the place comfortably as the weather of the place is quite mild.

Pygmy villages and hiking through thick jungles and witnessing gorillas in their natural habitat also enthralls visitors. Vast expanses of white sandy beaches are a perfect place for relaxation. South Africa beckons you to admire its sheer beauty!

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