Rome, the capital city of Italy is the finest tourist hotspot in the world with several enthralling attractions and locations to visit. The city is situated in the central-western portion of the Italian Peninsula on the Tibet River.

The city of Rome is blessed with fantastic attractions, namely Pantheon, Vatican City, Trevi Fountain and many more. Explore these places to make your trip a memorable experience.

Places of interest in Rome:

Vatican City: This attraction of Rome is usually referred to as a city state and often called “The Holy See”. Vatican City is home to the majestic Vatican Museum, home to one of the remarkable art collections across the globe. Some of the world’s renowned art work is displayed here, including wall and ceiling paintings and interiors of the Stanze of Raphael, the Apollo del Belvedere etc. A tour to this museum is a million dollar experience every visitor must explore.

Pantheon: The beautiful reminder of the great Roman Empire, Pantheon building is built more than 1800 years back. Pantheon leaves a wonderful and memorable impression on its visitors with its thick bricks, large marble columns and magnificent architecture. While exploring this grand building, you will come across the tombs of the renowned artist Raphael and of numerous Italian Kings.

Trevi Fountain: Fontana di Trevi is the largest Baroque Fountain in the Rome. It is considered to be the most popular attractions of the city. The fountain is located in the heart of the Quirinale District in the middle of the city.

Travel the city of Rome and explore the attractions of historical importance, ranging from the regal Vatican City, to the ancient building Pantheon.