The Republic of Kenya is a country in East Africa bordered by Ethiopia on the north, Uganda on the west, Tanganyika on south and Indian Ocean on the east. It has a coastal strip some ten miles wide and about 200 miles long together with several coastal islands.

Kenya is one of the world’s great tourism destinations, known for its remarkable diversity of landscapes, wildlife and cultures. From sweeping savannahs to tropical beaches and coral reef, dense equatorial forests to mighty snow capped mountains and more, Kenya is a world unto itself. Tourist Destination - Some of the Parks a tourist / traveler must visit in Kenya are Aberdare National Park, Amboseli National Park, Arabuko Sokoke National Park, Araware National Reserve, Buffalo Spring National Reserve, and Central Island National Part etc.

Kenya is Africa’s original safari destination, attracting explorers, adventurers and travelers for centuries. A safari to Kenya is the trip of a lifetime. For families, groups, clubs or some travelers just looking for great deals, Wild Kenya Safaris have various itinerates. For adventure goes who want to travel in true safari spirit, there are 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Lake Turkana Festival, Loiyangalani – Loiyangalani is fast becoming a popular tourist destination in Northern Kenya, as the surrounding El Molo and Turkana villages, amongst others, offer unique cultural experiences.