One of the greatest destinations for sensorial pleasures, Italy houses 44 UNESCO World Heritage sites. That is, two-thirds of the world's historical artistic heritage is found here in Italy.

Those wearing love for adventure on their travel card go ski in the Alps, hike the Dolomites, dive off Sardinias golden coast or catch the fireworks on Sicilys volatile volcanoes. For others, who curdle up to lifestyle cherish coffee at a street side caf, indulge in culture chats over a long lunch in the hot Mediterranean sun, speak with the inhabitants of quaint villages, explore exquisite art that has inspired poets, artists and writers. View the timeless treasures of charming villas, rolling hills, colorful vineyards and luxuriant gardens. Foreign travel destination Italy can cook up a trip for any kind of travelers. Contrary to popular belief, this country does not entirely wrap around artistic laurels. Financial hub Milan is responsible for Europes biggest and most modern trade fairs.

Whether you want to get lost in time or be a part of history or make memories with loved ones or test your bravery levels it has what you crave for!!

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