Car Rentals

US tourism industry and thereby travel market is growing at a rapid pace and, in fact, it is one of the largest industries not only in the USA but globally. It generates revenue and employment. When the influx of travelerís increases, promoters of the industry have to increase infrastructure, provide comfortable but affordable boarding and lodging, sightseeing and most importantly transportation.

Gone are the days when the traveler waits for the transportation provided by the tour operator. Today he/she prefers to hire vehicles of their own choice because hitting the road alone with the family can be a unique experience. Renting a car can bring a traveler to new locales affordably and efficiently.

Keeping the travelerís taste in mind, most of the tour operators all over the world introduced car hire packages. Roughly, 30 per cent travelers, if not more, visiting various tourist destinations make advance reservations for Ďcar rental packagesí. Worldwide, this tendency to drive hired vehicles by the travelers themselves will only increase over time, as more of the travelers plan their daily schedules and holidays with flexibility and keeping in mind wallet-friendly rates.

Internationally, self-drive is the mainstay of the car rental business with point-to-point self-driving being the most popular. Here in America self drive is most popular for leisure and highway driving and not within cities where there is a lot of traffic congestion, where they would prefer chauffer driven cars.

Many travelers may decide for a domestic holiday as well, which also has plenty of options available for rent-a-car business. As there is glossy future for tourism industry, car rental business is also bound to rise because the industry would be too glad to provide this as an ďadded serviceĒ to its patrons.