One of the largest states in USA, Alaska is the 49th state of the country. Canada detaches the state from the rest of the country. The state is situated close to the Arctic Circle. In the entire country, the state is least compactly populated. Since many years, the state was abode of low population. Gigantic mountains of the country are located in this part. Top ten mountains of the country are located in Alaska.

Alaska enjoys beautiful surroundings. People coming here can enjoy a wide array of attractions and activities. Outdoor activities like paddling, swimming, fishing, hiking, etc can be enjoyed here. Anchorage offers attractions like scenic parks, wilderness, art and culture, monuments, museums, and many more. The state offers something for everyone. A prominent national park, Denali National Park, is located here. Here, visitors can also indulge in backpacking, mountain biking and camping activities. It can be easily considered to be Mecca for adventure enthusiasts.

Visitors can visit this destination at any time of the year. Since, the weather of this place is moderate for the entire year; one can come here whenever one wishes. Still, the months between May to September are considered as optimum for travelling to this state. During these months, days are longer and warmer that makes it easier for visitors to roam around. They can comfortably explore the place.

Rich culture of this state enthralls tourists coming here. They love to enjoy the native dance and music and be a part of it. Besides, culture, dance and music, the state is also popular for its myriad arts, festivals, museums, fairs, heritage centers, and many more.