Abu Dhabi

One of the most modern cities of the world and the largest in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the Federal Capital and Government Center in the UAE. House to the majority of oil companies in the world, Abu Dhabi is also full of luscious green gardens, parks and boulevards lining along the streets of the city. The major attractions in the city are the sprawling high rises and sophisticated malls that make it an ideal tourist destination for all shopaholics.

A few of the must visit places at Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Mosque the 6th largest mosque of the world, then comes the Khalifa Park the best park built so far with its own aquarium museum train and play area. Other famous spots are, Corniche; Abu Dhabi’s famous waterfront, then comes Flagpole which stands at 123m tall making it the world’s tallest flagpole.

Dessert Safaris are a must do activity for the adventure enthusiasts, with some more fun filled activities like Helicopter Tours, Swimming Lessons, Dance Workshops it is a great place to rejuvenate.

It is a known fact that Abu Dhabi is a shopper’s paradise and hence a trip to the city is incomplete without the visits to the magnificent malls that the place has to offer, with a host of brands and stores selling all that you wish to buy, the Abu Dhabi Mall or the Khalidiya Mall are the places to watch out for.

Cuisine in Abu Dhabi is not full of variety but Indian Cuisine is relatively cheap. Other cuisines that are available here are Chinese and Mughlai that can be savored to the hearts delight.

Getting to Abu Dhabi is relatively easy with several airlines from different countries operating flights to the Abu Dhabi International Airport of via Dubai from the Dubai International Airport. Abu Dhabi is thus a must visit destination for people wanting to splurge for a great holiday.