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Introducing HolidayMatrix!! An online travel odyssey, which every traveler will bookmark as the one that injects drama into travel plans. Read through the tourist destinations to envision yourself walking through its lanes, striking a conversation with its culture… and the one that entices your heart will be the place you’ll land next. Allow us to be your tour guide, then your itinerary will embrace skipping from one country to another country on open- boats, hiking through jungles to capture the different moods of rare wildlife, watching sky turn into a canvas as myriad hues fall on it, wiping out the tourist expression from your face and staying with locals, witnessing the magical merge of past and present… we whip up a colarge of memories that’ll linger over for lifetime.

This site is an ode to travelling, to a trip that uplifted your spirits and to the many more jaunts you’ll venture out only to return with cherished memories. And when an experience sticks to you, share it with us. Here’s a toast to the love of travel. Cheers!!

Famed as the ‘World in One City’, destination London however feels quintessentially British. It’s pregnant with the codes of Britain - UNESCO World Heritage Site Westminster houses the Parliament
Deadly spiders, scary snakes and stealthy sharks escort you to the fascinating land of Australia!! This sixth largest nation stands up to the reputation of being one of the world’s most urbanized nations. Layers of battles,
One of the greatest destinations for sensorial pleasures, Italy houses 44 UNESCO World Heritage sites. That is, two-thirds of the world's historical artistic heritage is found here in Italy.

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